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Why go anywhere else?

Hybrid Construction have years of experience working with, detecting and curing damp within properties. We have a PCA approved Technician as one of our team. 

We undertake free surveys to establish the cause of damp problems within the home and offer a fully guaranteed and approved system and procedure with every project. Our remedies to rectify these problems are often very competitively priced, when compared with other companies working in the same sector.

Rectifying or fixing damp within a building starts with identifying the source. If the source of the problem is identified correctly, by a specialist, unnecessary expense can be spared.  Often this can be the difference between hundreds of pounds and thousands of pounds when undertaking the remedial work.  Many companies will HIDE the damp problems, without identifying it's source.... this isn't curing the problem, it is simply HIDING it or concealing it from the eyes of the property owners.

We use approved methods and branded materials, ensuring the application not only works, but has the backing of the countries leading manufacturers of damp preventative products.

There is no substitute for experience, especially when investigating the source and creating a cure plan for damp within our homes or our workplace.  Our surveyor has over 30 years of experience in the property and construction sector, leaving very little that he hasn't seen before or hasn't cured before!  

Our reputation in the construction industry over the years, speaks for itself.  No guarantee or promise, insurance or sales waffle can rate higher than an unblemished record with ALL of our past clients and over 500 recommendations on Checkatrade.  

If you have any damp issues that others can't resolve or simply need attending to, then please do get in touch with Hybrid Construction before you make a decision on what to do about the problem.  DON'T be tricked into signing anything with anyone, until you have sought several estimates from reputable companies and advice from us. 

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