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DIY With Us

'DIY With Us' is our unique service which can save you thousands of pounds on your home improvements, by doing some of the work yourself!

Ok, so let's say you want to build a rear, single storey extension to your kitchen and dining room.

You may have obtained prices from building contractors, but even the lowest price (which is never the one to pick) is above your budget or what you want to spend!  What do you do? Borrow or postpone the project for a few years to allow you to save more?

Until now, the above were the only two options available.  However, the introduction of our 'DIY With Us' service is a third option that may appeal to the DIY enthusiast or someone who just wants to 'have a go'?  

From the start, we will guide you through all elements of the 'Plan and Design' stages, the preparatory works, the actual build and all the rules and regulations that such a project has to adhere to, right up to the finished product.  We are on call every day to assist in your project, with regular 'on-site' visits as part of the package.  We will meet the Building Control Officer on site whenever necessary and all stages will be overseen by one of our team.  The difference is, you can take on as much of the work as you want, reducing the labour cost by as much as 70%.  There are elements of every build, where you will not be legally permitted to undertake the work, but we can undertake this for you.  The savings may make the difference between having your dream extension or not!


Our initial meeting will determine some important details and facts relating to your proposed project. You tell us what you want to achieve and we will offer our input and design ideas, until you have the best possible option for your project.  We will take your ideas and requests and design a bespoke package offering you the option to undertake much of the project yourself. Even if you have no experience in building or DIY, we will guide you every step of the way.  Rest assured, in the knowledge that if you get stuck or if you do not wish to continue with the work at any point, we can take over.  


There are specific elements that we do not suggest you undertake, which we are happy to undertake for you, or if you prefer, we can guide your own qualified contractor.

Either way, the savings can be huge!

We will make all the necessary applications, put you in touch with our suppliers and even allow you to make the most of our trade discounts and deals from our suppliers where applicable. 


We create a bespoke package which will contain our fee for our involvement. Our fee is based on our administrative involvement, our site visits, our expected contractor involvement and our continuing limitless support throughout the project. 


Full price for design and build from a chosen company for a single storey rear extension:

£35,000.00 labour + £32,000.00 materials + £5,500.00 fees (architect, building control etc.) = £72,500.00 plus VAT = £87,000.00. incl VAT.

Price for 'DIY With Us' with you (the client) undertaking the following work:

Digging foundations, digging drainage, laying drains, infill drains, concreting foundations, transporting all materials from roadside drop point to required location on site, laying blocks (if applicable), concreting oversite, insulating floors, timberwork etc. etc., removing internal walls, loading skips, chasing out for electrics and so on.

£14,000.00 labour + £32,000.00 materials + £5,500.00 fees (architect, building control etc.)

+ DIY With Us Fee £5,600.00 = £57,100.00 plus VAT = £68,520.00 incl VAT. A HUGE SAVING OF £18,480.00.

Each project is calculated individually based on varying factors.  The above example is the saving made on a 3m x 6m rear kitchen extension in Epsom, Surrey in 2019.

Give Steve a call to discuss this service in more detail. 07813 701567 or 01372 743732.

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