Peace Of Mind Service (P.O.M.S)

Our 'Piece of Mind Service' is unique as far as we are aware?  There are similarities with services offered by some architects and project managers, but most of this type of service is seriously overpriced and set up to generate a very high income for its originator, as opposed to simply being fairly repaid for their effort and time invested. 

Our time as a Main Contractor has given us a very clear insight into how some businesses work, intentionally and unintentionally and the problems that occur if the preliminary work is not undertaken as it should be.  There are many elements to having major building work undertaken, all equally as important to get right, to allow the project to run correctly and within budget.

Some of the tricks and scams used to extract money from unsuspecting clients, are seen far too often to be coincidental. We hear of the same companies, encountering the same problems, job after that a coincidence? Have they not learned from their last mistake? Or is it part of their routine....who's to say?

However, in most cases where a project has gone bad or the contractor is in dispute with the client, could have been avoided if the correct procedure or pattern, rules and agreements were confirmed at the outset.

But, how is the general public supposed to know what to do?  They may have a project manager wanting to charge them between 2.5% and 10% of the contract value for his/her services or they may have the builder telling them that his/her contract is 'all they need'?  Reading online forums and DIY websites usually doesn't reveal any information as they are simply other peoples opinions. 

There are no prizes for guessing the best person to would have to be another builder!  But someone whom you can trust, someone with an impartial, unbiased standpoint, who gains nothing from offering misleading information.  Someone with a reputation to uphold and a knowledge of the building industry along with tens of years hands on experience of 'what goes on' in every day situations.  

Our Peace of Mind Service offers just that, at an affordable rate.

We will offer:

* Assistance with initial 'ball-park' pricing.

* Assistance with the contractor selection process, which includes background checks, scrutinizing estimates and preparing     response documents and queries, obtaining clarity and firming up weak statements.

* Safeguarding financial overspend.

* 24/7 query line.

* In house architects and structural engineers available to offer advice or prepare whatever is needed. 

* Access to our Approved Inspector and a team of specialists 'problem solvers' in the event that your project uncovers         unexpected issues.

* Access to our team of specialist trades people at trade rates, if the need arises during your project.  Plus use of our     suppliers, many offering trade discounts.

* Full support from start to finish.

Please do call or email and ask for more information on our POMS packs and pricing! We are not salesmen and you will not pressurised to commit or under any obligation to accept our offers.

01372 743732 or email