Hybrid Construction is a trading name of Hicon Ltd.  Limited company status was acheived in 2003, following a successful trading period under the name Hybrid Construction for many years prior to that.


The company is owned and run by two directors who have a history of property design, development and maintenance, coupled with a desire to provide the best service we can to our customers.


We have created a business that operates the way we feel it should, with customer satisfaction and care, being of upmost importance.


Most cases where a 'builder' is called upon to undertake work in one form or another, can be expensive, disruptive, sometimes messy and quite often daunting for the customer.  


We work very hard to concentrate on all these issues to ensure that mess, fuss and costs are kept to an acceptable level and do not exceed more than entirely necessary, to allow the project to be completed in the correct way and to the highest standards.


Armed with our extensive knowledge and wide range of capabilities, through our certified, experienced and professional team, we are prepared and well equipt to undertake your project and prove that "not all builders are the same".


Combining the skills of both the directors, Steve Corbett and Dan Legg, there is a history of property development and construction skills at the higher end of the market, going back over 30 years.  We have grown a business that is not only specifically tailored for the residential and domestic market, but suitably equipt to confidentally and professionally deal with the challenges that arise in the industry we are in.


We are very proud of our business and the service we provide and our high reputation is guarded well by an ever vigilant and watchful command over every project.


We have spent many years and invested heavily in designing a custom built computer system that supports our remodelled infrastructure and handles our client database, estimates, job records and invoicing very efficiently.  This ensures that we are always up to date with our accounts, financially stable and keeps our cashflow where it should be, without the necessity to start a new project, to raise enough funds to complete the previous project (a common trait with many building and construction businesses).


Our team are selected based on a combination of principles and factors. Experience, people skills, attitude, ability, qualifications where necessary, professionalism and reliability.  Never, in the history of our business, have we passed on or 'sub-contracted' our work to an outside or unknown contractor. Our basic principles are, and have always been to undertake all projects using our own team or not take on the work at all!!!

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